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  The organisers of LAOWATER 2019 – Laos’ International Water Supply & Treatment Industry Exhibition and Conference – are pleased to confirm participation by Enviroswim Asia at the expo. The company will be leveraging on the marketing platform provided by the exhibition to highlight innovative solutions for the water supply and treatment sector.

Here’s a brief overview about ENVIROSWIM ASIA:

Enviroswim Asia delivers state-of-the-art pool sanitizing systems for resorts, hotels and private residences around Asia so everyone can enjoy swimming in perfectly clean and pools. Enviroswimis a patented standalone sanitizer with amazing sanitizing capabilities that has been tested and verified by leading and respected independent laboratories. It provides sparkling fresh water using natural minerals, sound waves and electronic oxidizing. Enviroswim water is low in total dissolved solids (TDS’s) creating a healthy freshwater environment. This is achieved by eliminating most of the regular dissolved chemical associated with conventional systems.

Enviroswim Asia also represents Pahlén, which is a genuine Swedish company with 50 years of experience in manufacturing quality products for swimming pools. They offer equipment for small private pools as well as large public facilities. The products are made of bronze, acid-proof stainless steel, titanium and thermoplastic, first-rate quality materials, a guarantee for an outstanding lifetime and reliability.



  Set to be held from 20 to 22 June 2019 at the National Convention Centre in Vientiane, LAOWATER 2019 will serve as a platform to showcase the latest innovations and products in the water supply and treatment industry as well as providing a stage for the exploration of new business and partnership opportunities.

LAOWATER 2019 is organised by AMB Tarsus Events Group, the leading international trade show organiser in Southeast Asia. It has also organised and hosted other water industry trade shows in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

For more details on visiting or participating in LAOWATER 2019, please contact Ms Chanda (kim@ambtarsus.com), Mr Youtthaxay (youtthaxay@ambtarsus.com) or Ms Husna (husna@ambtarsus.com), or visit our website at www.laowater.org.
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